We will next be appearing in public …

… on Saturday 26 Jan:

Ketton Wassail, 3.15pm at the orchard in Ketton, for the commemoration of a tree in memory of John Wood, followed by the wassailing


Rutland Morris's Winter Plans

Rutland Morris at Stamford Christmas Fair, 2018
Picture thanks to and © Sally Harnett

We're almost at the end of our 'winter events' now. We danced at the Straw Bear festival in Whittlesey on the 19th of January, and our final event of the winter will be at the Ketton Wassail at the end of the month.

Before Christmas, we danced at the Stamford Christmas Fair, and also at Christmas in Uppingham.

In the middle of December we undertook our annual Christmas 'Mummers and Dance' tour, visiting The White Lion at Whissendine; The Wheatsheaf at Langham and the Grainstore at Oakham; we performed our world famous (well nearly) Mummers play at each (sometimes very crowded) venue.

In keeping with a forty year and more tradition we also performed on Boxing Day, at the Horse & Jockey Manton, the Market Place in Uppingham, and finished with a short set of dances in the Crown (again in Uppingham). As usual, we performed 'border dances' from the English and Welsh border, and also performed our Mummers play at both Manton and Uppingham, at which those regulars in the audience helped by joining in with the words. Once again, St George didn't die!

Collections from these events will, as usual, go to a local Rutland charity.


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