We will next be appearing in public …

… on Saturday 26 Jan:

Ketton Wassail, 3.15pm at the orchard in Ketton, for the commemoration of a tree in memory of John Wood, followed by the wassailing


About us

Rutland Morris Men is a club that is run by its members for its members.  Each year we elect some officials who take on various specific tasks for us.  The main three are:

The Squire:  The Squire is the leader of the organisation who keeps us in order and ensures that everything we do is in keeping with our high ideals and long tradition.

The Foreman:  The Foreman is the person who teaches and trains the dancers, and is responsible for the style of the side's dancing (assuming we take any notice of him, of course).

The Bagman:  The Bagman is the club secretary who ensures we arrive at maybe the right place at roughly the right time on approximately the right day.

Contact details are here.

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