We donate to selected charitable causes each year, and in the last few years our donations have been:
2015 - 2018

Presenting a third cheque to Dove Cottage Hospice, Ridlington

In both 2016 and 2017 we donated £400 to Dove Cottage Hospice in Ridlington, and followed that with £500 in 2018.

In 2015 we donated £350 to For Rutland in Rutland.

Earlier years

In 2013 we donated £750 to Living Without Abuse.

In 2012 we donated £200 each to LMSC (a compression chamber treatment for MS sufferers based in Leicester) MenPhys Rutland branch.

In 2011 we donated £500 to Young Carers & £120 to Stamford Rotary.

In 2010 we donated £108 to Stamford Rotary.

In 2009 we donated £1,500 to Out of the Rut. Out of the Rut is a not for profit organisation that works in partnership with Rutland County Council to provide work experience / work preparation for youngsters with mental and physical disabilities. We also donated £70 to Stamford Rotary.

In 2008 we donated £500 to Rutland Citizens' Advice Bureau.