Constitution of the Rutland Morris Men
  1. Objectives
    1. The Rutland Morris Men's objective is to perform the Morris Dance.
    2. Rutland Morris Men will be termed a Side; members undertake all activities voluntarily and without payment or reward other than agreed out of pocket expenses.
  2. The Morris Ring
    1. The Side is a Full member of the Morris Ring (The National Association of Men's Morris and Sword Dance Clubs) and supports its constitution, policies, aims and traditions, and strives to meet the standards and dignity expected of member sides.
    2. Resignation from the Ring will require the approval of a minimum of two-thirds of members voting to that effect at an Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) called specifically for the purpose.
  3. Membership
    1. Prospective members will be expected to show their commitment by paying the annual subscription within three months of first joining.
    2. Full Membership of the Side will be offered to those who the officers consider have made a significant contribution to its dancing, playing or administration. Full Members will be presented with a horseshoe at the first Feast after the decision has been taken to offer Full Membership.
    3. A person's membership may be revoked at an AGM or EGM.
  4. Officers of Rutland Morris Men
    1. The Senior Officers will be -
      - Squire
      - Bagman
      - Treasurer
      - Foreman
    2. The Squire's term of office is a maximum of two years, after which a new squire will be chosen from the side, ideally someone who has not been Squire before. The normal term of office for other Senior Officers is two years. At an AGM or EGM, a Senior Officer, other than the Squire, may be invited to serve for two further years if willing and able to do so. After their term of office a Senior Officer may be elected to a different role.
    3. Senior Officers' terms of office begin and cease at the close of the AGM, though the Side can decide to hold a ceremonial hand-over between Squires at the Annual Feast. In the interests of continuity, the terms of office of the Squire and the Bagman will commence in alternate years.
    4. Nominations for Senior Officer post's will be agreed at the AGM. In the event of more than one nomination for a post, election will be by a simple majority vote of members present, the Squire having a casting vote.
    5. Members can remove a Senior Officer by a majority vote at an AGM or EGM if that Officer is not fulfilling the role adequately or is acting in a way detrimental to the Side. The meeting will be chaired by another Officer. The Officer in contention may speak but not vote.
    6. Should a Senior Officer post become vacant before an AGM, the vacancy will be filled by decision of the Senior Officers or an EGM convened for the purpose. Such appointment will be effective until the next AGM.
    7. Members at an AGM can appoint other officers to carry out specific roles e.g. Scrapbook Keeper, Kit master, Website coordinator, with no maximum term of office. Such appointments to be reviewed annually.
    8. The Officers can appoint a deputy Squire when the Squire feels he requires support and assistance.
  5. Annual subscriptions
    1. The annual subscription rates will be recommended by the Treasurer at the AGM, and agreed by a simple majority. Members will be expected to pay their subscriptions within three months of that meeting. Failure to do so will jeopardise their membership.
  6. Finances
    1. There will be a bank account in the name of Rutland Morris Men, all payments from which must be signed by two of the four Senior Officers.
    2. The Treasurer will maintain accurate records of income and expenditure, make suitably authorised payments and bank all income in a timely manner. All bills will be paid promptly as they fall due.
    3. The Treasurer will present a financial report to the AGM.
  7. Health & Safety
    1. The Side will keep an up to date health and safety policy which will be published on its website and be available on request.
    2. The Side will subscribe to the Morris Ring' public liability insurance cover.
  8. Meetings of Rutland Morris Men
    1. The Annual General meeting (AGM) will be held at a convenient venue in Rutland. The time and the date being published by the Senior Officers at least a month in advance on the website and in the events programme. This date to be approximately one year after the previous AGM.
    2. The agenda will include
      - Officer reports (including financial report)
      - Annual subscriptions
      - Election of Officers
      - Events and dates for the upcoming year
      - Traditions and music for the upcoming year
      - AOB (to be given to the Bagman 15 minutes before the start of the meeting and discussed at the Chairman's discretion).
    3. An Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) may be called by the Officers or a minimum of 30% of the membership. At least two week's notice will be given of the meeting, including the publication of the agenda. There will be no other items added to the agenda.
    4. A quorum for an AGM or EGM will be 50% of the members eligible to vote at that meeting.
    5. All meetings will be chaired by the Squire or, in his absence, by one of the other Officers. If no Officer is present, or a quorum is not present, the meeting will be postponed, and four weeks notice of a reconvened meeting will be given by the Officers within two weeks of the date of the postponed meeting.
    6. If a vote is required or demanded at a meeting, a simple majority of members will be required for a decision to be taken, unless as stated elsewhere in this Constitution.
    7. The Bagman will take Minutes of meetings; these will be distributed to members and published on the website within four weeks of the meeting and ratified at the next AGM.
  9. Winding-up of Rutland Morris Men
    1. If the Treasurer considers that the Side is unable to meet its financial obligations within the next six months, the Officers will call an EGM where the members will consider the way forward. If that meeting resolves to wind up Rutland Morris Men, members will contribute equally to allow the Side to meet its obligations. The Bagman will advise the Morris Ring, fellow sides and other parties with whom we have dealings, and the Treasurer will close the bank account when able to do so.
    2. If an AGM or EGM resolves that the Side has no viable future, that meeting will receive a statement of finances. After the payment of bills and the payment of outstanding out of pocket expenses incurred by Officers the surplus will be given to an organisation whose objectives concur with 1.1 above. No member will stand to gain financially from the winding up.
    3. A vote to wind up the Side will require the support of two-thirds of those eligible to vote.
  10. Changes to this Constitution
    1. This Constitution can be changed only at an AGM or EGM with the specific amendments must be included in the notice given about the meeting. Changes will require the support of two-thirds of those eligible to vote.

This constitution adopted at an EGM of Rutland Morris Men, 21 January 2008.

Pete Bradshaw, Squire