Child protection policy

Children and dancing

When dancing out, children invited to join in with massed dancing will remain under the observation of the adults they are accompanied by, be they parents or otherwise.

Children, and their supervising adults, have the right to withdraw from mass dancing at any time.

If and when demonstrating the morris to groups of under 16s in a school, or other organisation, two members of RMM should be attendance wherever possible. In all cases a supervising adult from the school or other organisation will also be present.

Members under 16

No member under 16 should join RMM without the permission of their parent/s or guardian/s.

As far as possible any member under 16 will not be left alone with any member of the RMM when there is no possibility of observation by others.

Members of the club should not arrange to meet any member under 16 individually without the permission of the latter's parent/s or guardian/s.

No members under 16 should accompany the club on weekends away, feasts etc without the permission of their parent/s or guardian/s. The nature of such events should be made clear to the parent/s or guardian/s.

Under 16s should not be given alcohol while with the club unless within the law (eg not in a public house) and only with permission of parent/s or guardian/s.

Approved at the Annual General Meeting, 9 February 2009